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  • 22.02.2020
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Felar | 23.02.2020
Someone ought to invite Smoke to a nice Thanksgiving dinner this week! :)
Mujas | 25.02.2020
One night with you. Please?
Kakree | 25.02.2020
This is not about me and you know it. I think the reason you are desperate to make it about me is to deflect away from the big problems in organized religion, especially Christianity. So, please, continue to make this about me. It validates what I'm saying.
Mill | 28.02.2020
Facts, I sensed bad for her, she wished him to fuck her and then he came. When I was junior I think that was my trigger word to jizz now lol but yeah this does seem that needs more.
Shaktihn | 03.03.2020
I would, the party left me, and imported racists, KKK guys, and other POS people.

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